Angela showroom. Granada

project report

This renovation took place in a characteristic building in the historical center of Granada, near the cathedral, at the head of the block facing Zacatín and Estribo Streets. The building is cataloged as part of the city center’s special plan.

In this place, located on a traditional shopping street, we have generated a space that not only retains its use, but also seeks to enrich the street’s pedestrian area. The criteria used to carry out the operation derive from an understanding of the area, a desire for visual continuity and respect for existing elements in the building’s structure and in the urban fabric.

The stairs beside the elevator are considered an important part of the store’s scenography. They are in a previously existing case of very small dimensions and constitute vertical access to the four floors. Slightly spiral, they seem to float at a distance of 5 cm from the white walls, letting the light pass through. This piece was made with 3mm Owatrol-treated sheet steel soldered to a structure previously set into the perimeter walls. The elevator beside them is converted into a lamp of enormous dimensions that reinforces the overall verticality and brings diffused lighting to the space through its translucent walls.

The shop windows are panes installed without frames, flush with the existing projections on the stone pillars and held from the inside by individual matte stainless-steel blocks. A folded white sheet-metal element runs the length of the shop window, reinforced from behind with brackets screwed to runners on the floor or walls. This exercise in origami is a display for handbags and shoes, which are held onto it by magnets where necessary.

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