single-family house in Pedro Verde. Las Gabias. Granada

project report

Building a shadow.

The project is structured in horizontal layers, a system of plains that define a new line of land, the platform belonging to a classical temple that Martienssen defines as the first condition for Western architecture.

Over this line of land we built the shadow line, and between the two, an open place for contemplating,  for looking into the distance. Inside this place, the scale expands in a double height protected by an enormous lintel.

The silhouette is drawn by the volume of the bedrooms hung from a system of metal trusses and split to allow southern light and views. Beneath the line of land, a basement includes the swimming pool, the garage and a den open to the garden.

Volúmenes nº42. Granada 2009
‘Elisa Valero 1998-2008’. Valencia 2009