refurbishment of the ICU in Hospital Niño Jesús. Madrid

project report

The new Intensive Care Unit of the Children´s Hospital Niño Jesús in Madrid, located in the central wing of the nineteenth-century building of Neo-Mudéjar style, presumes the challenge of becoming the most modern pediatric intensive care unit in Europe. This means assuming an enormous technical complexity by equipping it with the best features and most advanced instruments, and at the same time, creating a friendly space offering the best comfort and functionality within the possibilities of the existing structure. All this has been made possible by close collaboration with hospital professionals, great technical team and the generosity of the Aladina Foundation.

In origin, the hospitalized children were placed in an inner cradle without natural light. The intervention, with references to the advances of photobiology, improves this unfavorable situation by reorganizing the space. The large common room for hospitalization with seven care posts and two isolated boxes, spaces for nursing control and preparation of medication, are now oriented towards the Retiro Park.

Large skylights, starting from the vaulted windows, run throughout the room and fill the space with light. Thanks to this, the artificial light during the day is not necessary, except for very specific tasks. At dusk, the skylights remain the main element of light contribution to space, by containing LED lights with warm color temperature on the edges.

In the inner cradle, which is now connected to the outside one, there are four independent boxes with specific characteristics for isolation of positive-negative pressure. In addition, there are also all the supporting units, material, cleaning and preparation, as well as personnel area: nurses rest, medical work area and meeting room.