hangar for graphic arts. Granada

project report

The construction uses a metal-pillar structure to which is anchored an exterior roof of 12 cm prefabricated concrete plaques, and beams with galvanized sheet-steel panel walls with commercial moldings and a 40 kg/m3 polyurethane core, making a total thickness of 50 mm. Intermediate floors are of alveolar plaques. Use of prefabricated materials speeds building and facilitates control of finishing.

Special care has been taken to insulate the hangar. A free-standing lining with a vapor barrier is installed in the areas where there are ground-floor panel walls. 5 cm of polyurethane foam thermal isolation is previously projected and the airspace is used to pass conduits for electricity, telephones and plumbing. On the upper floor, the lining is direct, including thermal insulation and a vapor barrier. The flooring is continuous polished concrete finished in grey quartz over a slab with a monolithic surface.

Because of the sort of work to be done there, natural light had to be very carefully controlled. It could not shine directly into the machine room as a floor-level horizontal lighting was produced, with a translucent glass opening facing the back patio. In the offices, slit windows open over the intermediate flooring allowing a view of the sky.

‘Elisa Valero 1998-2008’. Valencia 2009