sandunga gallery. Granada

project report

Imperfect architecture, fragments of recycled cities, interventions that take on their own conditions and are transformed into opportunities for experimentation with new materials and new ways to build, inhabit or see the world. Spaces with concrete and diverse uses that adapt to existing ones in new ways. Architectural solutions for real and complex problems that follow the rules unerringly. Building only the indispensable, demolishing only the indispensable. Thus, this gallery of contemporary art on an irregular site at the plaza del Prof Fontboté in Granada becomes a space for contemporary art, with large exhibition panels behind a sheet of glass and a steel box that shifts the entrance. Nothing more. A small work, because it was done in the shortest possible time with the smallest possible budget, but a deeply thought-out work. It meets the conditions of sustainability and creativity demanded by this century that has to coexist with its heritage, whether or not it its value is recognized. Recycling architecture is much more than restoration or renovation; it is accepting what is given and transforming it without renouncing the essential values of architecture, renouncing neither light nor shadow, nor silence. And never renouncing the pursuit of the difficult indivisibility of precision.

For this project, we have designed a system of walls with wooden wheels that allow the gallery to be transformed according to the needs of each exhibition. The wheels have brakes to avoid unwanted movement.

The lighting consists only of florescent tubes beneath the installations. Nothing more, but to shape the gallery as the artist desires.