new space for the Arango house. Madrid

project report

A Crossed Garden.

Sharpening one’s gaze, discovering the beauty behind everyday events, being able to capture it and make it one’s own, allowing it to change one; that is the Gordian knot of the creative process, and this work is constructed in a context that is especially appropriate for it. Located on an estate near the mountains of El Escorial, the intervention responds to the need to join two houses that constitute a single living space whose peculiarity is the present of significant works of art.

Thus, the project is conceived as a container that makes it possible to live with the paintings and sculptures of a unique collection through which we discover the singular gaze of Plácido Arango.

Unlike a museum—a place for admiring and encountering art from time to time—this project faces the challenge of creating a living space in which light and the relation with nature are particularly important. Deep inside a bit of garden with oak and cork trees, a new connection is established between the two houses it separates. The first house has a large reception hall, while the second has the more private rooms, library and bedrooms. The union takes the form of rooms buried like tubers, whose shapes are adapted to avoid interfering with tree roots than cannot be damaged.

With the freedom of someone unconcerned with appearances (the project does not emerge, it does not appear above ground) the walls bend, happily and uninhibitedly accepting simplicity as a synonym of precision, a simplicity that dissolves the complexity that is inherent in architecture.

CASABELLA nº 780. Milan 2009
Detail 2009 7/8. München 2009
Detail 2009 5. München 2009
ON Diseño nº 303. Barcelona 2009
Mark nº20. Amsterdam 2009
R&R Restauración y Rehabilitación nº111. Valencia 2009
AV monografías nº140. Madrid 2009
‘Elisa Valero 1998-2008’. Valencia 2009