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Leonardo Tapiz Buzarra


Almería, 1978
Architect’s degree from the ETSAG in 2004
Doctoral candidate in the Department of Graphic, Architectural and Engineering  Expression at the University of Granada
Research proficiency (DEA) obtained with supervised research work ‘Key Elements of Order in Architecture’
Work at the studio since April 2003

Eduardo Barco

painter and sculptor

BFA from the Complutense University of Madrid. During his studies, he received several scholarships, including an Erasmus for Den Bosch, Holland (1993), from the Ministry of Culture for Paris (1999) and from the Esteban Vicente Museum in New York,(2003). Since he began showing his work in the mid 1990s, he has had over twenty individual exhibitions and has participated in group shows at the MEIAC, the CAB space in Burgos and some of the most active art centers in Spain. He is regularly exhibited at art fairs such as ARCO


Maria Jesús Olivares Sánchez (2018)

Aurora Montalbán Tirado (2018)

Abraham Rambla Buendía (2018)

Clara Cuchet Oliver (2018)

Tomás Lopéz (2018)

Ángel Vallecillo (2017-2018)

Ilaria Mazzetto (2017-2018)

Aurora Oset Cardenete (2017)

Cristina Aragón Malo (2016-2017)

Sanja Platisa (2016-2017)

Felix Schmidt-Keespies (2016-2017)

Michele Ferretti (2016)

Francesca Moschini (2015-2016)

Joel Seeger (2015-2016)

Silvia Díaz Rivas (2014-2015)

María del Mar Cuevas Arrabal (2013)

Mateusz Póspiech (2012)

Laura Pulido Serrano (2011-2012)

José Carlos Chamorro Cerón(2011-2012)

Layla Abalhadj (2008-2010)

Marina Alvarez (2010)

Juan Sanchez (2010)

Elisabeth Romero (2009-2010)

Rocío España Rodríguez (2009)

Amanda Vicente (2009-2010)

Federico Gálvez Cañadas (2008)

Oscar Raya (2007-2008)

Esteban Salcedo (2007-2008)

Julia Lillo García (2007)

Eduardo Macias Herrero (2007)

Montse Solano (2005-2006)