refurbishment in the Virgen de Las Nieves hospital. Granada


Refurbishment of one of the floors of the hospital until now known as Rehabilitation and Traumatology Hospital. The intervention lacks structural development, only modifying the interior partitions by placing a self-supporting sheet of plasterboard. The project will house the basic area of ​​the neonatal area, where the beds of the patients are located perimetrally and the corridor and the necessary services for its correct attention are located in a central band.

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refurbishment of the ICU in Hospital Niño Jesús. Madrid


The new Intensive Care Unit of the Children´s Hospital Niño Jesús in Madrid, located in the central wing of the nineteenth-century building of Neo-Mudéjar style, presumes the challenge of becoming the most modern pediatric intensive care unit in Europe. This means assuming an enormous technical complexity by equipping it with the best features and most advanced instruments, and at the same time, creating a friendly space offering the best comfort and functionality within the possibilities of the existing structure. All this has been made possible by close collaboration with hospital professionals, great technical team and the generosity of the Aladina Foundation. In origin, the hospitalized children were placed in an inner cradle without natural light. The intervention, with references to the advances of photobiology, improves this unfavorable situation by reorganizing the space. The large common room for hospitalization with seven care posts and two isolated boxes, spaces [...]

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playground for oncologic children area. Hospital in Getafe


Much has been said and written about the importance of play for children’s development and learning. Now is the time to flag up the role of play in children’s healing process. By providing the possibility of play, we are contributing to the child’s socialisation and the acquisition of psychological and psychomotor abilities and skills, as well as a positive type of distraction that will enable them to forget about their sickness for the period of time spent playing. The paediatric area of Hospital Getafe is in need of a play-zone for children aged between 3 and 9. It has allocated one of the hospital’s terraces for this purpose. Since the terrace is north-facing, it is shadowy and may not seem very suitable for an outside play-zone: in winter the sun never reaches it, whereas in summer the high temperatures will preclude outside play. Additionally, the space is [...]

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new space in Cerrillo de Maracena School. Granada


Cerrillo de Maracena School is a 50-year-old parish school situated in a low-income outlying area of Granada, with nearly 250 students under 12. The building was in need of a new flexible multipurpose space, and a second stairway for security reasons. A   new space was built, linking with the existing building, to become the new west façade. The rules of the game were very clear: there was very little money, two months in which to build, numerous building and other regulations, and the goal of energy efficiency. It was successfully completed because of the construction system used, ELESDOPA. This building system focuses on the optimisation of concrete using a structural element of a double sheet of reinforced concrete (projected). Inside, thermal insulating material provides an unbroken swathe of high thermal insulation to prevent heat leaking out and cold coming in. On the outside there is nothing but [...]

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maktub center in Hospital Niño Jesús. Madrid


This project is the result of a research contract between the Aladina Foundation and the University of Granada. The goal is to furnish this Pediatric Hospital with the finest installations and technology for bone-marrow transplants, from the design of uncrossed circuits to the most advanced overpressure systems. Besides the projects technical aspects, it has the added goal of palliating, as much as possible, the sense of isolation to which immunosuppressed children are subject so that the qualities of the spaces make their stay and that of their families more pleasant. The unit has six boxes, all located on the south side of the wing, facing the glass-walled gallery for family visits. The first decision was to make them as ample as possible, which was done by redistributing the entire area to adjust it to the conditions imposed by the structure and by the existing utility installation. The [...]

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dominican school in Ogíjares. Granada


/ The school is located in a 19th-century building, a former summer home which has been expanded several times to meet evolving needs. The obsolescence of this structure in the 21st century and the requirements of the educational Council’s norms led to the decision to sell off its former gardens, now zoned for building, to build a new school with a budget of 3 million euros. The crisis arrived just in time and the impossibility of selling the land has led to a more sustainable alternative: recycling the school with one less zero, for 300,000 euros. Moreover, the work had to be carried out during the relatively short summer vacations. To make this possible, one rule was followed at all times: do only what is imperative, demolish only what is imperative. Reduce the project because it had to be done in less time and with less money. Thus, [...]

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kindergarten in El Serrallo. Granada


The goal of this kindergarten is to favor the emotional and cognitive development that takes place during the first years of life through an architecture that fosters direct experience, pure action and free play as means of learning. To do so, it includes three elements considered highly relevant by pedagogues: Non-place spaces. Opting for a flexibility that has less to do with movement than with versatility. Each class is an unlabeled room that can as easily be converted into a bedroom for nap time, or a theater stage. This is a matter of potentiality and interaction of the furnishings that allow spaces to be transformed and adapted to other uses. Attention to scale.  As principle, conventional windows are excluded. They make no sense for establishing a relation with outdoors, when we remember that the people at this school may only be seventy centimeters high, so wall openings have to be [...]

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kindergarten in La Chana. Granada


Place, program and construction determine the form of this kindergarten. The objectives are to make a functional building facing the right side, opening the classrooms and the large patio to the south, and doing so in rapid, rational way. Straightforward geometry was used to facilitate access, all on one level. The entire building program is resolved under a roof of three continuous strips separated by patios. The building is enclosed with high white wall that protects the children and their play from the view and noise of the street and the nearby railroad crossing. The entryway is angled so that the exit is tangential to the street. There are two entries, one for the children and parents, and the other for supplies, the service zone and kitchen. All the classrooms for children from one to three years open onto a patio of over 600 meters which is a safe zone [...]

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