Valero Maldonado house in Pola de Siero. Asturias

project report

This home responds to a very peculiar commission. It is going to be built over a thousand kilometers from the studio and with a very low budget. It offers a magnificent opportunity to carry out research into the field of precision in both sense of the word—need, and rigor.

The first step was to study the location. The abstract condition of the proposal corresponds to a more distant landscape in its horizontality. A southern slope on the edge of Los Corros, in the municipality of Pola de Siero. In front are mountains covered with beech and chestnut trees.

The design follows the logic of the materials, a very strict modulation and an optimization of the structure. The roof and walls are of prefabricated concrete panels, and while the house looks very closed, it actually opens onto an inner patio that enlightens the second-floor rooms, while the living room height is one-and-a-half floors. The architecture is built around an empty space and makes itself felt where is not present, in the interstitial space.

The construction system is based on industrial logic. Why not apply advances in prefabrication for housing, in order to obtain straightforward, economic and quickly built architecture?

ON Diseño nº 290. Barcelona 2008
Spanish Design. Cologne (Alemania) 2008
Infodomus construcción sostenible y edificios inteligentes. Madrid 2007
Entrevista en Vía Construcción nº50. Madrid 2007
Volumenes nº42. Granada 2009
‘Elisa Valero 1998-2008’. Valencia 2009