Neiman house, recycled ceramics. Granada

project report

The project consists of the refurbishment of a small popular dwelling in the Albaycin neighborhood of Granada. The house,  in its L shape, is distributed on three floors that revolve around a staircase. Ascending through it, you reach a terrace-viewpoint of Granada; the most important place in the house.

The intervention, in addition to addressing the problems of dampness in the soil and walls, lack of insulation and obsolescence of the facilities aims to adapt the spaces to a very special family. Jim and Theresa are experts in ceramics and sustainability. This house becomes a laboratory of his own work throughout the world. Inspired by the cycles of nature, wheee organic waste is converted into compost, the Neiman work by converting industrial waste from ceramics into raw material to produce pieces of great beauty. Jim imagines and creates new uses for ceramic industrial waste as a recycling engineer at the Kohler Company WasteLAB in Wisconsin. The engineer cratsman processes clay materials to produce a powder, which is pressed dry and baked, creating tiles that have a porcelain body with a high-gloss vitreous surface. The glaze of these comes from enamel powder recovered from the application of spray paint. To produce the green and blue tones ADD a small amount of virgin pigment. In its finish, the material presents a decorative CRUNCH on the surface that develops during the cooking process through a difference in the cooling speeds of the body of the tile and enamel. The crunch is a living finish and continues to develop over time.

In this way, he creates handmade pieces one by one of glazed tile and these are part of several unique elements of the house and enrich them: the staircase, communication axis of the house; the kitchen and the bathroom. Each piece is placed strategically unfolding the richness of the nuances of its blue glazes at sight of the eyes of those who ascend or enjoy them during daily use of the spaces.

Finally, the interior finishes that accompany the handcrafted pieces are very simple in coherence with the nature of the house itself: lime mortar, wood, polished concrete, Grespania ceramic material.