8 social houses in Cuevas del Becerro. Málaga

project report

Cuevas del Becerro is a hamlet in Guadalteba County. It is situated on a very narrow limestone spur that runs between the road and the stream that bears its name in a valley of great natural beauty. The mountains and hills around it are like fortresses that protect it from the passage of time. The building site is located in an area of urban growth southeast of the historical neighborhood. It comprises two parts, belonging to two contiguous blocks that share one side with another block leading to the road.

The proposal is adapted to the geometry of the plots and despite their different dimensions, we have tried to offer a unifying solution to the group of houses. The smallest plot has three houses that occupy almost its entire area, exept for some laundry patios beside the partition wall. The design for the larger plot consists of two rows of houses around a central patio. One row is at the head of the block, with three houses with double orientation and a central staircase. The other runs alongside the partition wall with two houses that follow the same logic as the first type.

The construction is straightforward although the foundations were conditioned by expansive clay and a high water table. The finishing of buildings correspond to the one of the place: white walls and vertical openings which can be darkened with shutters.

Volúmenes nº42. Granada 2009
‘Elisa Valero 1998-2008’. Valencia 2009